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Butter-Up Knife MoMA

  • Butter knife with built-in grater to distribute butter evenly.


    The Butter-Up Knife is designed to make it easier to spread cold butter on toast. This handy knife takes a block of butter and turns it into ribbons that are then much easier to spread across your bread without tearing it. Designed and tested by a group of self-proclaimed "butter enthusiasts", who prototyped a plethora of models before finally settling on a design that features a wide blade with built-in grater for maximum butter-to-bread surface area. 

    • Clever butter knife with in-built grater
    • Makes butter easier to spread...or can be used to make decorative ribbon curls!
    • Designed by Sacha Pantschenko, Craig Andrews and Norman Oliveria.
    • Dishwasher safe.