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Starter Shaving Kit

  • The Starter Shaving Kit is the perfect easy-to-use collection of organic men's shaving gear for the man who values a traditional shave. Experience your best shave today. Makes for a great gift set

    • An organic Australian Olive Oil Shaving Soap Puck in Original or Woodsman scent (your choice)
    • A Stainless Steel shaving bowl to whip your soap into a fine lather (something you will have till the end of your days)
    • A Valor Branded Luxury synthetic bristle brush in Black or Cream (your choice)

    Directions: Soak your brush in warm water then mix in circular motions with your Shaving Soap in a bowl to create a thick creamy foam (add more or less water as needed). Lather the face evenly with foam and shave in sections. Re-lathering on the face when necessary.