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Lexon Sanitising Wireless Charger

  • -  A wireless charging station designed with a vase shape that discreetly kills harmful viruses and bacteria.

    -Engineered with ultraviolet light technology (UV-C LED) in its front interior that works as a sanitizer and disinfectant for smartphones.

    -Efficiently kills up to 99.9% of proliferating bacterias most commonly identified on smartphones’ displays.

    -Designed to sanitize a single surface at a time. For a 360° disinfection, simply flip your phone to expose its second surface for the 20 minute sanitising period.

    -Charging time: 3 hours for full charge.

    - Sanitising time: 20 minutes. 

    -Compatible with Qi-enabled smartphones with size up to 8.3 cm wide  1.05 cm thick including case (not metal).